Happy Parents Happy Kids Online-Summit

Happy Parents Happy Kids Online-Summit

Datum/Zeit: 07.04.2022 - 17.04.2022

For all english speaking parents and those to be:

The ‚Happy Parents Happy Kids Online Summit‘

Free online event with lots of valuable tips and topics. Come join us on this journey.

Imagine if you will: owning a set of parenting tools you can expand into and use with ease (and joy), anytime.

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The summit covers topics such as:

  • What to do when your child is stressed out and when you are stressed out
  • How to strengthen emotional resilience through fitness and nutrition
  • The unknown secrets of natural teeth health
  • Benefits of the family bed and physical intimacy with your children
  • Explaining sex education to your children; when to start, how to talk about it
  • Intimate reconnection with your partner
  • Enjoying drama-free and honest conversations with your children and your own parents
  • Making a smoother transition from parent-child to adult-adult relationships
  • The power of play and what it means to really play with your child
  • Cultivating personal emotional intelligence and management
  • 3rd culture kids and how to help your kids develop their own identities.
  • How to be a successful entrepreneur and a great parent simultaneously.
  • and much more.

Through these interviews, you will be gifted with practical ideas and tools that you can put into practice immediately.

We ourselves have experienced a massive transformation by organizing the summit. We noticed how much richer our relationship as and with our family has become. Perhaps for you, a seed of positivity will be planted and it will grow and strengthen that sacred bond between you and your child.

From the 24th of March 2022 – 3rd of April 2022, we will be releasing two interviews daily which will be available for 24hours each.


Dr. Joy Martina, Amy Lang, Dr. Helen Maffini, Sebastian Krenz, Matthew Green, Debi John, Maria Kageaki, Sonja Preston, Michael Born, Lucia Von Fürstenberg, Christopher Brown, Jerzy Gregorek, Yella Cremer, David Bradford, Stefanie Bruns, Greg Denning, Rachel Denning, Matthias Cebula, Matt Fox, Stefanie Singapuri and Chirag Singapuri

Our children are our greatest gifts. Happy children start with happy parents.

You are worthy. You are love.

Sending you a big wave of positivity,

Stefanie and Chirag Singapuri

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