Healing America Summit

Healing America Summit

Datum/Zeit: 16.05.2024 - 22.05.2024

Healing America Summit: Navigating Troubled Waters with Insight and Solutions

In unprecedented times of global uncertainty and turmoil, the Healing America Summit emerges as a beacon of hope and empowerment. With themes ranging from vaccines and immigration to transhumanism and war, this online event aims to shed light on pressing issues while offering pathways to success in navigating through these challenging times.

Event Overview

Date: May 16th – 22nd, 2024

Participants: Over 30,000 individuals from around the globe

Speakers: A diverse lineup of over 30 experts including medical professionals, scientists, lawyers, researchers, insiders from the pharmaceutical industry, historical and political analysts, healers, coaches, and more.

Content: The summit features over 30 hours of videos packed with insights, solutions, and exclusive bonus material, all accessible online and free of charge.

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Key Themes and Topics

The Healing America Summit addresses a wide array of topics crucial to understanding and navigating the current global landscape:

  • The Dark Side vs. Divine Plan: Speakers delve into the dichotomy between nefarious agendas and higher spiritual plans, offering perspectives on the challenges humanity faces.
  • Detoxification and Healing: Experts provide strategies for detoxifying from COVID-vaccinations, PCR testing, and shedding, both through medical means and energy healing techniques.
  • The New Normal: Participants explore the agendas of pharmaceutical lobbies, big tech, and the New World Order, while also emphasizing personal responsibility for body, mind, spirit, and soul.
  • Solutions and Empowerment: Through a holistic approach, speakers offer actionable solutions for individuals to reclaim their health, autonomy, and sovereignty in a rapidly changing world.

Speakers and Insights

The summit boasts an impressive roster of speakers from diverse backgrounds, each bringing unique perspectives and expertise to the table. From medical practitioners and scientists to spiritual healers and consciousness pioneers, the lineup includes:

  • Dr. Joy Martina: A psychic psychologist offering insights into intuition and inner guidance.
  • Dr. Jane Ruby: A medical professional and former pharmaceutical industry insider exposing the realities behind COVID-related operations.
  • General Mike Flynn: A retired United States Army general and advisor to President Trump, providing insights into geopolitical affairs.
  • Stefanie Bruns: A quantum healer and business coach empowering individuals to stand in their truth.
  • Michael König-Breuss: The summit host, a spiritual healer, and teacher specializing in energy healing and soul-language.

Registration & Information for the Healing America Summit *

Why Attend?

The Healing America Summit isn’t just an opportunity to gain knowledge; it’s a call to action. By attending, participants can:

  • Gain clarity and understanding of complex global issues.
  • Access practical solutions for personal and collective well-being.
  • Connect with a community of like-minded individuals committed to positive change.
  • Empower themselves to take control of their health, destiny, and future.


In a world fraught with uncertainty and challenges, the Healing America Summit offers a glimmer of hope and a roadmap to empowerment. With its lineup of esteemed speakers, diverse topics, and actionable insights, this online event promises to be a transformative experience for all who participate. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the movement towards a better future. Register now and be part of the change.

Complete speaker list

This Speaker will assist you on your PATH to SUCCESS!

  • Clayton Thomas / Root Brands, researcher, scientist
  • Stephanie Bruns / Quantum healer, business coach
  • Dr. Joy Martina / psychic psychologist
  • Tom Renz / Lawyer
  • Dr. Jane Ruby / Medical Professional & Pharma Insider
  • Ann Vandersteel / Freedom First movement
  • Jane Hampton Cook / Author & US History expert
  • Catharina Roland / Filmmaker & visionary of paradise
  • Salomea Claus / Osteopath, Healer, conference presenter
  • Durga Holzhauser / Intuitive Healer, cleansing out Covid vaccination, author of 3 Jesus books
  • Sheriff Calvin H. Hayden / truth seeker & investigator for Covid & Election fraud irregularities
  • Dr. Christina Rahm / Expert in biohacking, DNA manipulation, cloning, transhumanism & SOLUTIONS / Root Brands
  • Judith Gwandtl / Coach & Astrology
  • Christoph Heuermann / Founder of Staatenlos – denationalize.me, investor, Freedom strategist
  • Zeffi Devi / Tantric Coach, intuitive Healer
  • Cornelia Victoria Harmes / Publisher, Speaker, Coach
  • James Roguski / WHO Expert and Exposing Mis-information
  • Lawana Haney / Figure Competitor & Anti Aging specialist
  • Storm Dillenschneider / Mrs Universe, Advocate against Fentanyl
  • Mel K / The „Mel K Show“ Show truth to awaken the people
  • Oliver Moos / Crypto expert
  • Dr. Galina Semyonova / Medical practitioner of eastern & western medicine
  • Kerry K / Pioneer of consciousness & love
  • Christie Hutcherson / Women fighting for America
  • Mary Grander / Producer, Ladies of another view
  • Ann Moller / Actor, intuitive healer
  • General Mike Flynn / US Army general, Advisor of Trump
  • Myself, Michael König-Breuss / Soul language-Light language teacher and intuitive healer
  • And more…


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