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Autoimmune Online Summit 2021

Datum/Zeit: 11.06.2021

Invitation to the Autoimmune Online Summit 2021
During the last few years, more and more people have suffered from different autoimmune conditions where the body is attacking itself. Depending on what area, medicine has lots of different names for often similar root causes.

You have an autoimmune disorder yourself or know somebody who is affected? If the answer to this question is yes, we recommend saving up some time on Friday, June 11, 2021!

We’re launching this absolutely free Autoimmune Online Summit for you at home to get healthy. More than 20 global experts will deliver substantial knowledge and practical methods to tackle the root causes of your disease. Science based, highly topical, easy to understand and implement.

With these easy methods you can boost your health!

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Why should you join our Autoimmune Online Summit 2021?

✓ Discover why complex autoimmune diseases develop (it’s not just genetics!)

✓ Learn about the connection between our immune system and our gut microbiome and what a huge role gut health plays.

✓ Discover the key triggers for autoimmune diseases and what you can do to find them.

✓ Understand the role of your genetics and how they are influenced by the food you eat.

✓ Learn about the Functional Medicine way and how this evidence based and client centered model really works.

✓ Understand the often underestimated connection between diet and autoimmune disease and the powerful effect of an autoimmune diet.

✓ Learn how to dampen the inflammatory cascade with food and lifestyle changes.

✓ Discover ways to help you balance your immune system.

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I’m in! I want the massive knowledge bomb for perfect autoimmune condition!

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